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Ultimate Antenna Systems

Our antenna design team-leader,
Jim Breakall PhD - known for inventing the OWA antenna concept - will design Ultimate Antenna Systems optimized for your exact need.  Then our antenna fabrication team will translate
Dr Breakall's design into a practical real-world field-ready antenna.  Our antenna  repertoire includes - but is not limited to:
  • Monoband Yagis and phased Yagi arrays
  • Multiband Yagis and phased Yagi arrays
  • LPDA Log Periodic Dipole Arrays
  • Monoband Verticals and phased vertical arrays
  • Custom Antenna Design​:  Bring us your challenge and we will design an optimized solution
  • Amateur Radio:  Scratch Build Yagi Kits
  • Amateur Radio:  Scratch Build Antenna Kits
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