Turn Key Super Station from Site Planning to 1st QSO

SuperBertha prides itself on our capability to produce custom solutions that fulfill each client's individual needs and goals. SuperBertha's capabilities are diverse and ecclectic. We specialize in turn-key systems for the busy professional and high net worth individual.  Let us design, permit, and build your station with our expertise while you focus on your profession and business.  Then when your station is complete just walk in and start having fun 


Scott W3TX designed and project managed the installation of this station on an estate property . He finessed the entire zoning process and secured the building permit, added deed protection for the station to adjacent lots sold by the owner, installed the SuperBertha130, managed installation of the antenna system and radio room (with mil-spec grounding system) including full remote control.  Scott W3TX will  work with you to design your dream station.  Then he will project manage your station to completion so that you can enjoy a lifetime of  ultimate station performance.