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SuperBertha's SuperRGT "Rotating Guyed Tower" systems are fabricated and hot dip galvanized in Erie PA

Rotating Guyed Tower​

If the presence of guy wires is not an impediment then SuperRGT is an alternative to installing our signature SuperBertha Rotating Monopole.


If you prefer the freedom afforded by a self supporting rotating monopole with no guy wires then click here to learn about our signature SuperBertha Rotating Monopoles.

Rotating Base - Guy Ring

Our Base is a proprietary system which is installed within the concrete pad. Rotation is accomplished with an off the shelf OEM gearmotor and Green Heron Controller. 

The Guy Ring is a discreet bearing race that is installed on the tower for guy wire attachment at appropriate heights.



  • Base + 2 Guy Rings $8599

  • Base + 3 Guy Rings $10,199

  • Base + 4 Guy Rings $11,499

  • Base + 5 Guy Rings $12,899

SuperRGT "Rotating Guyed Tower"