Remote Control Country Club

Join the SuperBertha Country Club to enjoy all of the benefits of a Top 1% SuperStation with none of the hassles of building and maintaining the station.

  • Each Country Club SuperStation has a maximum of Six (6) members

  • Work world-wide DX from a SuperBertha SuperStation

  • Costs less than half of installing your own SuperBertha, plus you have access to two (2) SuperBerthas and an exceptional Low Band system

  • Save money by never having to move your towers when you move to a new house or apartment

  • Focus on having fun operating ~ be free of station maintenance 

  • Enjoy operating from the comfort of your CCR home and from anywhere in the world via the internet

  • An excellent option for those down-sizing or moving into a retirement village

  • An excellent option for young professionals on the move

  • 10% of proceeds benefit the SuperBertha STEM+G Educational Initiative

The Station and Antenna System

Imagine a SuperStation with two (2) 130ft SuperBertha towers plus an ON4UN inspired Low Band system located on a 50 acre acre farm.  The farm, located less than 5 miles from the legendary and record setting K3TUP DX and Contest QTH, has exceptional topography for optimized world-wide communications 24 hours per day.


Welcome to the SuperBertha Country Club!

160M: 1/4WL Vertical with 130 Radials 


80M:   4-Square array


Lowband 8-Circle BSEF Receive System for 160M and 80M


SuperBertha A: Fully rotatable 6m-40m Christmas Tree featuring the best performing OWA Yagis ever designed by WA3FET. 

40M:   40M4-48 Yagi @ 130ft

30M:   30M4-36 Yagi @ 120ft

20M:   20M6-36 Yagi @ 100ft

17M:   17M5-36 Yagi @ 80ft

15M:   15M6-36 Yagi @ 60ft

12M:   12M6-36 Yagi @ 50ft

10M:   10M6-36 Yagi @ 40ft

6M:     6M7-36 Yagi @ 30/70/110ft 3-High Stack

SuperBertha B: Fixed European Stacks featuring the original and record setting 48 foot boom WA3FET OWA Yagis used at K9CT and other top 10 contest stations world-wide.

40M:   40M4-48 Yagi @ 130ft Fixed EU 

20M:   20M6-48 Yagi Stack @ 55/110ft Fixed EU

15M:   15M6-48 Yagi Stack @ 45/90ft Fixed EU

10M:   10M7-48 Yagi @ 35/70ft Fixed EU

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