Remote Control DX Lodge


  • Work world-wide DX from a top 1% Superstation

  • Enjoy operating a Superstation at a fraction of the cost of building your own, similar antenna system

  • Save money by never having to move your towers when you move to a new house or apartment

  • Focus on having fun operating ~ be free of station maintenance 

  • Enjoy operating from the comfort of your CCR home

  • An excellent option for those down-sizing or moving into a retirement village

  • On the air time maximized by exclusive, limited membership.  Maximum of Eight (8) members with 3 hours air-time per day, plus special weekend windows to operate your favorite contest.


The W3TX SuperStation in Erie PA is currently under construction and scheduled to be fully operational by September 2016. The station resides on a picturesque 40 acre farm and will sport the following antenna systems:


2016 Phase I SuperBertha Tower..."The Contester"


  • 6M11-POWY-48 @30/70/110ft (3-high stack)

  • 10M8-POWY-48 @40/80ft (2-high stack)

  • 15M7-POWY-48 @50/100ft (2-high stack)

  • 20M6-POWY-48 @60/120ft (2-high stack)

  • 40M4-POWY-48 @140ft

  • 80M Vertical

  • 80M Rotatable Dipole

  • 160M Vertical


This station will have one transceiver and a maximum of eight (8) members, ensuring an average of 3 hours air-time per member per day. Special weekend windows will allow members to operate a full contest on weekends.  Contests could be done as a single-op or as a member's-only multi-single.    


Remote site hardware includes the Elecraft K3 radio, Acomm 2000 amplifier, Green Heron RT-20 rotor controller, and RemoteRig interface. The initiation fee includes an Elecraft K3-0, RemoteRig interface, and computer pre-configured with the software and settings needed to access, control, and operate the remote station.


The initiation fee of $19,000, which  is dramatically less costly than buying land ~ permiting ~ building ~ maintaining your own SuperStation, includes a pre-configured K3-0, RemoteRig interface, and laptop computer for your site. Thereafter monthly dues are $179 per month plus a member's utility proportion (electric and broadband).  Please contact W3TX for additional information and to join.


2018 Planned Phase II SuperBertha Tower..."The DXer"


  • 6M9-POWY-36 @30/70/110ft (3-high stack)​

  • 10M7-POWY-36 @ 40ft

  • 12M6-POWY-36 @ 50ft

  • 15M6-POWY-36 @ 60ft

  • 17M5-POWY-36 @ 80ft

  • 20M36-POWY-36 @ 100ft

  • 30M4-POWY-36 @ 120ft

  • 40M48POWY-48 @ 140ft

  • 80M Vertical

  • 80M Rotatable Dipole

  • 160M Vertical LLC

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