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Little Bertha Tower: 90ft

Little Bertha is the world's most adaptable antenna support structure.

  • Aesthetic rotating monopole 90ft high.

  • LittleBertha between is perfect for carrying an excellent HF and VHF antenna system with low visual impact and no guy wires.

  • LittleBertha sporting a stack of multi-banders and VHF monobanders is an exceptional system for DXing, Contesting, and Casual amateur radio.

  • LittleBertha carrying a 7Mhz-30Mhz LPDA is perfect for Embassy, Government, NGO, Military, and Amateur Radio stations.

  • LittleBertha is perfect for a 4-Bay 6M EME arrays and complex VHF/UHF arrays.

  • No guy wires to work around when installing or servicing antennas.
  • Rotor is at ground level where it is easy to service...massive custom rotor may never need service.
  • Entire pole rotates…mount and/or stack multiple antennas at optimum heights. Great for stacks and arrays!
  • One (1) LittleBertha can replace 3 to 4 guyed or fixed towers.
  • Small yard footprint…typically 5ft x 5ft!...Family friendly! Even fits on a “postage-stamp lot”.
  • Antennas, stacks, and arrays can be mounted at optimum heights and separations.
  • May be serviced via climbing, locally rented man-lift, bucket truck, or crane.
  • Steel construction with weather resistant epoxy coating.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Virtually Maintenance-free.
  • $149,000 USD which includes a $25,000 installation allowance.
Custom options:
  • Recommended antenna systems and stacking design.

  • Multiple levels of rotation to allow high-gain arrays to target multiple azimuths simultaneously.

  • Side mounted 40M vertical and/or 80M vertical.

  • Marine grade epoxy coating for saltwater environments.

  • Hurricane zone compliant design.

  • Unique “Break-Away Design” for controlled fall-zone helps finesse zoning approval on tight lots

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