DX Little Bertha: 10 to 79ft

We are always glad to custom design a LittleBertha that fits your exact needs. 

That said, here is a popular LittleBertha Ultimate pre-configured for DXing.

 DX Little Bertha

54ft LittleBertha  


Little Bertha is amateur radio's only TIA-G Hurricane Zone Compliant  antenna tower.  It is also designed with a proprietary break-away design to finesse zoning approval on small residential lots. Enjoy the family-friendly 10 x 10ft lawn footprint with no guy wires. Vandal resistant and virtually maintenance  free. Additional antenna configurations and customizations are available.


6M Yagis @20ft/40ft  2-High Stack

MultiBand 10/12/15/17/20  @50ft

40M3  @54ft (90 degrees offset from Multibander)

80M T-Vertical  @ side-mounted to Bertha

Typical design is for TIA-G and IBC-2009 for 90mph basic wind speed no ice, 60mph service wind with no ice, and 40mph wind with 0.50 inches of ice), Structure Class II, Exposure category B or C, Topographic category 1, Earthquake category not considered (site location Ss < 0.33)

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