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Contest SuperBertha: 110 to 200ft +

We are always glad to custom design a SuperBertha that fits your exact needs.  That said, here is a popular SuperBertha pre-configured for Contesting

Contest Super Bertha

140ft SuperBertha  


Run at the highest rates and blast through multiplier pileups in one to two calls. Enjoy the family-friendly 10 x 10ft lawn footprint with no guy wires. Vandal proof and virtually maintenance free. Additional antenna configurations are available. Additional customizations are also available.

10M Yagis @40/80ft 2-high stack

15M Yagis @50/100ft 2-high stack

20M Yagis @60/120ft 2-high stack

40M Yagi @140ft

80M-Dipole @130ft

80M Vertical  @ side-mounted to Bertha

160M Vertical  @ side-mounted to Bertha


Custom options:

  • 2nd level of rotation to allow 40M Yagi and 80M Dipole to beam a different azimuth than the stacks on 10/15/20M (ex. 40M/80M EU while 10/15/20M OC).

  • Additional height to allow 3-high stacks on 10/15/20M and 2-high stack on 40M

  • 6M Yagis @30/70/110ft 3-high stack

  • Additional customizations available

  • Typical rating is TIA-G and IBC-2009 for 90mph basic wind speed no ice, 60mph service wind with no ice, and 40mph wind with 0.50 inches of ice), Structure Class II, Exposure category B or C, Topographic category 1, Earthquake category not considered (site location Ss < 0.33). Stronger ratings available.