Big Bertha Towers: 80 to 109ft

Big Bertha is the Ultimate Antenna Tower :  Your signal will be in the top 5% on the air!

  • Aesthetic rotating monopole customized to your needs…80 to 109ft high.
  • No guy wires to work around when installing or servicing antennas.
  • Rotor is at ground level where it is easy to service...massive custom rotor may never need service.
  • Entire pole rotates…mount and/or stack multiple antennas at optimum heights!  Great for stacks.
  • One (1) BigBertha can replace 3 to 4 guyed or free-standing towers.
  • Small yard footprint…typically 8ft x 8ft!...Family friendly! Even fits on a “postage-stamp lot”.
  • Antennas and stacks can be mounted at optimum heights and separations.
  • Antennas may be serviced via climbing, locally rented man-lift, or crane.
  • Steel construction with weather resistant epoxy coating.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Virtually Maintenance-free.
Custom options:
  • Recommended antenna systems and stacking design

  • 2nd level of rotation to allow 40M Yagi and 80M Yagi/Dipole to target different azimuths than high-band Yagis simultaneously (ex. 40M/80M Europe while higher bands Oceania).

  • Custom height

  • Side mounted 80M vertical and/or 160M vertical

  • Marine grade epoxy coating for saltwater environments LLC

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