About SuperBertha and Scott W3TX

Scott Johns W3TX founded SuperBertha in 2005 as a micro-niche company specializing  in no-compromise HF communication solutions for competitive amateur radio operators, em-comm, and business.

Scott was first licensed as KA3FMH in 1980 at the age of 14. Within a year he was the youngest amateur radio operator in his region to attain the FCC Amateur Extra License. While very active in ARES, weather spotting, Nets, and EmComm, Scott's passion was Radiosport DXing and Contesting 

Professionally, He earned his Biology Bachelor of Science at Allegheny College and his Veterinary Medicine Doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania: In addition to running SuperBertha he is a busy primary care veterinary doctor.   

In 1999 Scott deployed his first Bertha Tower with monoband Yagi stacks.  After lecturing about his system  at the Dayton Antenna Forum several years later Scott received so many inquiries about his system that he launched SuperBertha LLC in 2005. And since then W3TX has been instrumental in the building of several amateur radio Contest and DX Super Stations, as well as infrastructure for commercial HF communication systems.

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